The Enemy of the World

Enemy of the World

Enemy of the World

Rediscovered Who,fantastic. Finally getting to see it months after buying it.

Yet another start with more comedic elements. I’d heard a lot of good things about the start and it doesn’t disappoint. Buckets and spades, jigs in the air, comedic waves and The Doctor running into the ocean in his thermals! Two kilts and thermal underwear, hope it was a warm day!

“They’re human beings, indulging in their favourite pastime, trying to kill each other” Seems the Doctor is a wanted man again, all starting off with an expensive helicopter and hovercraft sequences, very James Bond.

Futuristic clothes are on display again, this time Astrid is wearing them. Well done for a second consecutive story on set design. The Doctor skirts around with what he’s a Doctor of, divinity, law, philosophy etc and he fails to answer the question. Seems The Doctor is a doppelgänger in this episode with the want to be ruler of the world, Salamander.

When watching Salamanders speech, it’s a very Hitler-esk impassioned speech again centered around another topical climate control topic, the second on the trot.

The first involvement  for Barry Letts and a very good first episode indeed, brilliantly paced with an ending showing off Patrick’s acting skills playing two personalities.

Second episode continues in the political and other topical issues of the day. And suddenly out of nowhere, Jamie breaks in and ‘rescues’ Salamander. So that’s how they’re getting close to Salamander. Seems the prophecy of Salamander’s will come true by hook or by crook, and we all know who the crook must be. Another minor step in world domination, he needs a white cat to stroke.

“Bruce, you are head of world security” Like the sound of that line. When they get to rough up Kent, his little ‘chalet’ has all his plates broken, how terrible of them.

Seems as though Salamander gets his way through the blackmail of the various people, Fedorin and the maid, are all doing what they are told. But they only get one chance and if they don’t, that’s it. The initial plot of the Doctor seems to be unravelling as Salamander finds out of an imposter.

Giles is putting across a strong case for The Doctor impersonating Salamander again and killing him, which of course he will have to wriggle out of it. Astrid and Fariah come across well in this, nice to see women in this story play more than just a screaming part.

Interesting transport module Salamander has in his room, makes the plot more interesting picking up something new mid way through. Seems there are other people beneath the earth, probably the cause of the earthquakes. Seems the radiation is slowly killing him, or so he says. Is he tricking these people too? Episode 4, back on track as a good one.

Episode 5  evolves the story with The Doctor getting on the side of the security chief and Salamander’s head guy questioning him. This will be a very back and forth questioning episode I guess before the action finale of Episode 6. Things start to unravel and gain pace for The Doctor, getting back his crew and others on side. The whole episode works well and the acting of Troughton in particular really works superbly, the evil Salamander who has a lot of blood on his hands, and The Doctor who is able to influence people with his personality to get them on side.  Nice to see two personalities being played out this way. In the meantime, some great impersonations and fake ketchup for blood.

It’s all getting very exciting, Salamander (well the Doctor) has a gun pointed at him, research centre escaping, double-crossing, bombs set to go off. I have to say I didn’t see that coming with Giles being centre to the scandal,nice twist. There was one final twist, with Salamander impersonating the Doctor and getting into the TARDIS. An emergency escape ensues with Salamader it seems falling from the Tardis

Damn fine episode, and a wonderful return to the archives after being found from Africa.

Rating: 8/10