Travel to Kent

The day has arrived, time to set of for the continent on our #StokesRoadtrip. Everything had been prepared a day earlier as we were a little excited to say the least!

Morning spent of tidying, dropping off the cats and last minute packing before we set off at 12 on the dot. Twenty minutes later we turned around having realised I’d left my camera and there was still a pan in the sink. Who gets it right first time anyway.

We were staying in Kent so a quick trip down the motorway, with a quick stop off at South Mimms services. The obligatory ‘thing’ to take on the journey this time is the Angry Monkey from Family Guy, his first shot posted at the service station where Sorrel was apparently getting to get our of shot.


The Wheel in Space

Wheel in Space

Wheel in Space

Time for just Jamie and the Doctor and there seem to be problems straightaway. The screens gone blank, Jamie has to look at the ‘Ford’ indicator and then the TARDIS sends multiple warnings to the pair. The Doctor flicks a few switches to avoid them getting vapourised by the Mercury as the fluid link is broken. The Doctor removes the time vector generator, and without it, the TARDIS returns to that of an ordinary police box.

Jamie is cheered up by being given a Lemon Sherbert to quench his thirst! There are some similarites between this and First Doctor stories, the Doctor needs some Mercury to refill parts of the TARDIS and  a food replicator on board the ship. Bit of an odd scene them sitting down to dinner to eat Sunday Lunch.

From the sound of the episode, it is a reconstruction after all, it’s very Alien or 2001. A robot onboard is not happy with the intruders and blocks off the TARDIS and re-engages the engines causing the Doctor to get a concussion. It then  releases pods which must have some effect on the other ship that’s come into view. Meanwhile, unaware they are under attack, the other ship  think as it’s veered off course, nobody could still be on board, and they fear it might start up again flying towards them. Here comes the cliffhanger, time to blow it up.

Jamie remebers the Time Vortex and signals the other ship who think they must be sabouters. Promted to name his fellow travellor, he gives him the name John Smith, named after a piece of machinery in the office, first reference! Zoe, the parapsychology libriarian is sent to monitor him. Zoe, the future companion, starts off well laughing at Jamie’s femanine clothes as well as tricking him to find out he’s not used to space travel (Jamie turned down a drink of water which is rare). Jamie yet again saves the day, and the TARDIS, by stopping the lazer that was to blow it up with plastic spray. Cybermen it seems are behind ull this at the end of second episode.

Get to see Zoe properly in the third episode as we have the video, my word she’s short.  Future episodes look bright with her in as she’s logical and a bit of a know it all. The Doctor may have some trouble with her, or at least Jamie will.

Cybermats are back and they’re a bit dangerous as they now seem to control/shoot people while destroying the metal. They seem to have trouble with plastic though, one is disabled easily. Sticking a metal panel to the back of the head will apparently stop the mind control from the Cybermen too, a few more weaknesses of the cybermen we’ve now learnt including a “High Current Phased Contrast” can be used.

The end of episode 5 and feeding into the 6th (which there is video) looks like a great cliffhanger, meteorites zooming towards Jamie and Zoe in their spacesuits as they have to go back to the other spaceship, a calculated risk. That must have been an interesting day of filming doing those space scenes trying to make them look authentic. With the plastic being used a weapon, there’s a very surreal shot of the cybermen walking and flapping arms through space onto the wheel before they get blasted into space.

As another ingenious way to get on the TARDIS, Zoe hids in a cupboard. Little did she know she was going to be shown an episode of Evil of the Daleks right at the end to prepare her for travelling with the Doctor.

ANOTHER cybermen story to close off season 5. Hope for a bit more variety next season with Zoe on board but a good story overall

Rating: 6/10

Fury from the Deep

Fury from the deepI have no idea what this story is about which is always a good place to start, but we are back to full reconstructions again after being blessed with recovered episodes for a while. Jamie and Victoria both comment how they’re on Earth and specifically England again. Nice tie in to Web of Fear with foam on the beach.

The Doctor examines the control box and nonchalantly pulls out the sonic screwdriver, explains what it is and says it never fails. It’s never been seen before, you can’t just drop it in like that! And he uses a stethoscope, reminding me of later Doctors. Okay, this seems to have another ecological message, seaweed seems to be pulsating and hurting some of the humans after they are meddling with sea gas. Victoria told to stay behind, don’t they know that’s how they get separated and trouble starts given how women are written at this time. Glad to see she’s trying to use her head, with repeated uses of the hairpin trying to get out of the room.

Mr Oak and Mr Quill’s face in the reconstructions is very comical. It does take a little turn into more horror scenes when they attack the woman before it cuts back to gas pipes again. This whole season has been quite heavy on the science, but also there are a lot more wordy and shouty men in white coats. I wonder if this had something to do with the ratings starting to dip a little. We see the first of Victoria’s doubts about travelling with The Doctor. She wonders why they always seem to be in danger, and it seems she would prefer to have a quieter life.

Fourth episode is dragging a little, another very wordy episode and the biggest threat seems to be foam. Despite some scary parts, think this is heading for the worst episode of Who for me. If it’s restored, here’s hoping it plays better than the clips I’ve seen. What I’d like to see is the monster at the end of this episode properly realised as it looks like some clingfilm moving on the screen at the moment. Yes, they could afford another copter shot! They go to the Maunsell Forts, one of  which I can see from Whitstable. Nice to see they filmed some scenes in Kent.

So onto the final episode and they are saved by Victoria’s shrieks?! The escape in the helicopter seems to be a little bit of filling on the reconstruction as there were repeated shrieks by all while The Doctor flies it. The reconstruction shows them going through a CGI version of the Forts which was a little laughable. We finally get to see the monster in the last episode where there seems to be a lot more visuals. It seems something akin to a sesame street character and the legs from an octopus, all to be destroyed by Victoria’s scream.

So Victoria decides to stay and we’re left with a nice ending shot of the  TARDIS flying out of the sea into the sky at the end. Excellent. It got an extra point just for that.
Well I hope the full video is a bit more exciting, it also works better on audio this title. The whole threat is quite impressive, the main problem for me is just the screaming and length. This six parter could easily fit within a two parter even in classic Who

Rating: 4/10